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Google ads or pay per click or PPC marketing approach is a technique of promoting your business for assured and relevant traffic reaching out to your website. 

PPC  operations need to be driven by application experts as it costs you money per click for sending traffic on your website. Our marketing crew holds years of experience in PPC  marketing and their expertise on tools.

assured leads

how & What we do?

Keyword search & analysis
Ad copy creation & mapping
Optimization of landing pages
Conversion tracking
Ad submission
PPC  cost management
PPC monitoring
Campaign improvement and modification
Dedicated account manager
Higher efficiency


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High Efficiency & CPC Reduction

The Ultimate AIM of our PPC campaign is to ensure the reduction in the cost per conversion and to bring out maximum traffic on the lowest investments possible as we know marketing cost utilization is the essential for any business to grow.


Geo-Location Ads

Geo-location plays an indispensable function when it comes to run a flourishing ppc ad campaign and we put geographically targeted ads based on the aspired viewers and end-users. These targeted ads help in delivering quality leads from the targeted location also the account manager assigned helps in mapping your campaign to get you the desired results.


Bidding Management

Well, one among the top most ppc campaign factor that decides the driving aspects of every ppc marketing campaign. We make sure to manage every bid efficiently considering the factors like targeted traffic, location, competitor and that too with the maximum possible outcome.


Structured Reporting

Reports are the key essentials of any PPC campaign. We not only provide you a weekly update but also plan and map the upcoming week with the right strategy and timeline as every day counts and we do not want our clients to miss on the monthly numbers. Well planned numbers get you planned revenue which is the ultimate goal of any PPC campaign.

Better AD COPY - More Conversion

Once your keywords concluded, it’s time to craft engaging & sniper ads. The time you put into drafting more desirable ad copy will make all the difference when it comes to your roi but the extra closely it targets your public, the more likely they’ll be to click and convert.

So get inside the customer’s head with a personalized ad that highlights value. You’ve got confined space for ad copy, so make sure it’s compelling to be clicked.

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